Upholstery Cleaning

No matter where in your home it is located, there is no denying that your upholstery works hard. Day in, day out it supports the inhabitants of the home, as well as a myriad of visitors, and this can soon take its toll on the lustre and look of the material.

Investing in a professional cleaning service can be the perfect way to restore your upholstery to its full glory, and the team here at Tyneside Floorcare have extensive experience in handling all types of fabric, items and materials. We can transform your upholstery from drab to fab in no time, leaving things looking good as new.

Why Clean Your Upholstery?

Keeping your upholstery in great condition has a number of advantages – and not all of them are aesthetic. Your upholstery may contain all sorts of unwanted particles, and keeping these at bay can have positive results for those using them on a daily basis.

Improve Your Health With Clean Upholstery

Getting your upholstery cleaned by the professionals not only helps it look great, but it can also have a positive impact on your overall health. Over time, germs, bacteria and unwanted allergens will make their way into the fabric, leading to a generous bed of germs building up. Every time you snuggle up on the couch, you are potentially inhaling these unwanted nasties, and this can result in a host of respiratory conditions, including asthma and other allergic reactions, which can be dangerous for you and your family.

Professional cleaning helps to eliminate these allergens, and can also be useful for improving the overall air quality in your home; the air has fewer pollutants and irritating particles floating through it, allowing you to enjoy fresh, clean air throughout the space.

Help Your Furniture Last Longer

By their very nature, upholstered items such as couches and chairs take on a lot of wear and tear, and this can result in fading, leaving the fabric looking tired and well past its best. You may be tempted to replace furniture once it reaches this stage, and this can be expensive, especially for investment pieces.

A thorough cleaning however, from a team of professionals with quality equipment, can bring your beloved furniture back to life. Once the surface dirt, dust and grime has been removed, the vibrancy of the colours, patterns and designs will have a chance to shine through, as though good as new.

Removing dirt, odours and stains will also help to ensure that your furniture lasts longer; deterioration will not have a chance to set in, and the integrity of the fabric will be preserved for longer.

Call Tyneside Floor Care For Upholstery Cleaning in Newcastle

Here at Tyneside Floorcare, we have the skills and equipment to help ensure that your upholstery looks, feels and smells its very best for longer. Our team is highly experienced in handling a huge array of fabrics, furniture and materials, and this ensures that we get the best from every clean.

Different types of upholstery require specific treatment, care and attention, or else they risk being damaged. Some standard household chemicals are harsh, and can do more harm than good if they are used on certain materials. Additionally, the nature of some fabrics means that specialist cleaning techniques are required in order to preserve the quality of the finish; an inexperienced cleaner risks causing permanent tears, stains and marks, leaving the furniture ruined.

With the professional experience of the Tyneside Flooring cleaning team, this worry can become a thing of the past. We will handle each project with the utmost care, and you can rest assured that your upholstery is in the best possible hands.

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